Varun Mishra

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(10/2018) Had a great time in Singapore attending UbiComp 2018. Presented two papers (here and here) at the Mental Health: Sensing and Intervention workshop.

(06/2018) Started my internship at IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY! I will be working in the Computational Health Behavior and Decision Science team, super excited!

(04/2018) Our paper, Investigating Contextual Cues as Indicators for EMA Delivery, an expanded version of our UbiTtention 2017 paper, has been released as a CS Tech Report.

(02/2018) Travelled to Zurich, for a week of intense collaboration with the team at CDHI, ETH Zurich. Many thanks to the wonderful folks at CDHI for hosting me.

(01/2018) I will be spending the Summer of 2018 at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, as a Research Intern in the Computational Health Behavior & Decision Science team!

(01/2018) Received Pilot Funding from the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health (CTBH) for our project titled Development of an Open-Source State-of-Receptivity MobileCoach Module for mHealth Field Studies. More details.

(09/2017) Had a great time at Hawaii, for UbiComp 2017. I presented a paper in the UbiTtention workshop.

(06/2017) Travelling to Mobisys 2017 at Niagara Falls, NY.

(09/2016) Started working on the Amulet Project.

(08/2016) We are organizing a workshop focusing on mental health in this year’s UbiComp.

(02/2016) Travelling to HotMobile 2016 at St. Augustine, FL.

(09/2015) Started as a Ph.D. Student at Dartmouth!